Surfacing-The Exhibition

15th & 16th June '13, Gandipet, Hyderabad

Set against a serene location, the works in clay Surfaced as objects of inquisition, to being acquiescent. Snuggled amongst coconut trees and mango farm, dulcet aesthesis of the flute, eirenic inhabit, and supremely, the coalescence of all sporulating pluperfect concordance.

The art of exhibiting art has been maneuvered to another echelon entirely. A stark white wall erected in the midst of an outback, evincing an element of a gallery space, although the demesne strongly perpetuating a crude and agrestic aura.

The sublimeness of sharing figments of imagination, to be able to steer minds to the nonce, to behold psyches wallowing into an enchantment of the occurent space and artwork, utmost self-gratification !


  1. Wow Akila, thats an amazing display!! every pot looks fantastic. All the best, may you successful :)

  2. Fabulous set up.. Really look forward to see more work coming from contemporary artists in India.

  3. Akila, you are so talented, each pot looks awesome!!

  4. Wat a brilliant way to exhibit art! Keep it up!


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