Bridges - 2014

   When a young American potter visits India in 1970, and decides to stay back if a friend from California would come build her a kiln, is when a bunch of us get hooked onto ceramics like a slab of wet clay freshly wedged and slapped, onto the concrete walls of GBP. So much for visiting! I wonder if this thought ever crossed the young lady's and the friend's minds (considering our shenanigans)

Though my association with R and D has been very recent and minimal, I can see how graciously and generously they have shared the art of shaping and firing clay in all possible permutations and combinations from the past four decades and continue to do so. Been cited time and again, their influence on Indian ceramics and ceramic artists has set a benchmark on wood fired ceramics for a time to come. Period.

Nostalgia with Golden Bridge Pottery(GBP), is for me a very strong reflection of that space, time, people, and more so of Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith, on the days to come in future.

The ceramic show-Bridges, a small tribute to the influence of Ray, Deb and the Golden Bridge Pottery is being held in Delhi from 20 - 28 September 2014, at the Stainless gallery.
Catch it while you are in the capital city.

Mixed Media by Dharmesh Jadeja of Dustudio


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