To explore and question everything, it had all begun when time itself had begun for me. In this journey of mine a new found nest has manifested itself to explore and question furthermore.

Kalaachakra is an art centre primarily consisting of a potter's studio, the potter being myself. I always envisaged running a multi-disciplinary art space and it has finally come into existence with Kalaachakra. The intent of Kalaachakra is to question and revel ourselves as individuals, cultures and communities through various art forms or otherwise.

The space is equipped with a humble amphitheater which can be used for visual and performing arts, the same can double up for various workshops and events. It comprises of an intimate gallery space to display paintings, sculptures and mixed media.

It has been transformative to sculpt this space everyday alongside my partner, Srinadh Vennam, who is an architect and operates a firm with his team. We would like to share our abode and spread the sublimity of Kalaachakra.

For more information and queries, write to me at kalaachakra@gmail.com.


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